Ways To Integrate Video Conferences Into Your Primary Curriculum

You can hold a classroom-to-classroom video conference( sometimes referred to as point-to-point video conference) for any reason and and for any subject area. There are many reasons to have a video conference. The following is just a few ideas that I have tried or have heard of.
Your students can:

  • raise global awareness
  • keep in contact
  • report live from a location
  • receive or share information about content students have been studying
  • practice public speaking skills (communication skills)-Great for second language learners
  • get in contact with an expert on the topic you are studying
  • talk to eye witnesses
  • collect data
  • participate in debates
  • participate in discussions IMG_1073.JPG
  • participate in literature circles
  • press conference projects
  • mock trails
  • mystery quests
  • design projects
  • television interview / role play
  • academic competitions
  • compare seasons
  • compare regions
  • perform plays or skits
  • share poetry or writing
  • interview an author
  • scientific demonstrations