Using Interactive Video Conferencing In The Primary Classroom

Children are natural explorers. They love to learn about the worldaround them! Due to the advances in technology, the world is no longer a vast place. We are now able to connect and collaborate with anyone anywhere around the globe. One way to accomplish this is through video conferencing.

Interactive video conferencing enables students to explore and learn about the world they live in. It engages students in the learning process and allows them to experience new learning opportunities that might otherwise be impossible. Students speaking to and learning from other students across the globe brings an authenticity to their education. and adds a real world relevance to what they are learning in the classroom.
Although video conferencing is not new to schools, many schools prefer to use video conferencing as an educational tool for older students; overlooking the powerful potential of this tool's use in the primary (K-3) classroom. This wiki is dedicated to the use of interactive video conferencing across the curriculum in the primary classroom.
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